Hanging Instructions


All of our papers are ‘paste the wall’ papers, which means they really are super simple to install, though if in any doubt then feel free to use a professional decorator.


Walls should be clean, dry and even, with no dark smudges. Remove any old wallcovering and loose paint and scrape off powdery, flaky surfaces. Roughen painted surfaces with sandpaper. New plaster should be allowed to dry out completely.

Pasting and Hanging

All our papers are ‘paste the wall’ product so you or your decorator should paste the wall and not the back of the paper.

We recommend a good quality pre mixed paste in a tub.


We find these to be too strong.

When pasting the wall, apply the paste slightly wider than the width of one drop and then hang the first drop, working your way across the wall.

Align the pattern and edges together and smooth over the paper working from the centre to the edges to press out air bubbles.

If paste is squeezed out between the edges remove with a damp cloth.

Any paste that comes into contact with the surface of the paper should be removed with a damp sponge. Hands should be kept clean and dry whilst handling the wallcovering.
Trim top and bottom with a sharp knife or scissors.


This information has been supplied in good faith, but without guarantee, and on the understanding that the installer will have decorating knowledge to work with differing site and or atmospheric conditions.

Dark coloured wallpaper may need the edges coloured with a slightly lighter shade of chalk or pastel to prevent white edges showing.